Unable to turn off caching on USB drive (Win2008 R2)

Another nasty bug from Win2008 R2. At last MS gave mind of its own to OS. Great job

Hitachi Travelstar-5K500.B rated for low power



General opinion is 5200rpm disks consume less power compared to 7200rpm; someone even suggested that Data centers run 5400rpm just because it takes less power.

Hitachi Travelstar-5K500.B

Seagate spec

I chose Hitachi Travelstar-5K500.B hard drive for laptop, just to keep the load on battery low.

TV keeps dogmas alive

TV has successfully kept people backward thinking. TV dramas have to prolong all sorts of ancient dogmas just to stay in business.

I wonder how the world would have been without TV? atleast less obese...

Some vote for dinner and some for future

In a democracy, some vote based on the policy that take effect immediately(ex: policy that subsidizes food grains) and others may vote based on the policy that takes effects gradually over decades(ex: high-speed train, etc... ).

Democracy where these two classes are in equal number may not prosper because they completely drag each other down, and their ambitions fail to co-exist. Such a stratified society is a sign of bad policy, root cause of many problems.

Etching in Prestige pressure cooker

I purchased 12-Ltr Prestige Pressure cooker from VCT Electronics Amazon Marketplace on Nov of 2010. Cooker has not been used more than 10 times and has developed "etches". This is aluminum cooker.

Outer surface of vessel and lid(both inside and outside) are shiny and look perfect.

Etched inner surface (bad subject for MACRO photography)

Too late to claim damage in 2010 TAX.

Nietzsche on materialism

"Possessions are usually diminished by possession"

I have heard some say Nietzsche writings are sharp, an example of it

Pre-cambrian sex-judgementality of US media

I think people seem to go out of their way to attribute sexual motivation to every damn action. Media does upright job of transforming these normal acts in to standard models like 'pedolphallia', 'nymphomania', 'fetishist', 'bisexual', 'non-sexual', 'lessbbian', 'hgaay', 'sssoodoomy'.

According to these pundits(with simple pre-Cambrian brain), majority of the world is gay because men put their arm around other men. These pundits do not even consider that every action(especially social behavioral) must be read in the context of that society.

While we in US dissect benign sexual behaviors and trademark, Chinese try to feed(with many flaws) the massive amount of people .

Lately I have started doubting endless Church scandals.

Ok- Gandhi sexuality

I read long back, in late 90' that Gandhi slept with naked women and also claimed celibacy. His point of view was if you are truly celibate you would live with women and resist, not run away like coward.

This line of argument may sound abnormal for modern generation that is driven by instant gratification; not yielding(crawling) to a desire is considered mental disease

a fetish object for the right...

In BBC interview, Regan's son said "Regan is a fetish object for the right..."
Well deserved description, I thought.

Diversity in rather "refined" society

By refining I mean fine tuning. We begin the process of refinement by identify the things that are most

  • suitable

  • comfortable

  • profitable

  • acceptable(socially, etc...)

  • Based on these factors we narrow down ourselves, bolster our comfort-zone; sometime at the cost of diversity. Refinement is good in several areas like Engineering(technical and medical) but not best for lifestyle areas.

    Profit driven refinement
    Initially retail shops stock popular items; and few years later stock only the popular items. Here are few examples for bad(according to me) refinements(in US)...

  • There is specific color for everything. One of my friend called this practice as color-coding. In one of the US metro, color of my friend's shirt was taken as indication of his sexual orientation. This confusion may appear as result of stereo-typing but the originally idea that people of x orientation should wear y color was designed to make (refine) identification easier.

    Far easier example for color coding is girls like pink. This is more of a product refinement. In the past, in India I have worn light pink color shirt for office. Such lack of color-code would not go unnoticed these days. This transformation is an example for narrowing.

  • Here is example for utensils refinement. I have fond it hard to get a cup or mug with sharp brim; such a cup has to be made up of steel or aluminum. Such cup is essential for my kitchen activities. Off course retail stores do not stock because majority does not use tools any more.

  • Looks like profit driven refinement has been gradually engulfing the whole every area of life. It is more like the police lifestyle of communist society but all in the name of efficiency and profitability.

    Making religion and politics palatable

    Religion and Politics are twins; addition of Sssexxx in to this pool would make the religion and politics more palatable. This is not my fantasy, there are one-stop-religion offering all the three under one Poolygaaamous brand...

    Heaven everywhere

    Nuclear plant scare

    I hope current crisis at Fukushima Nuclear plant does not slow down the adaption of N-Energy.

    • News hungry media and twitter crazy public has made big deal out of Fukushima crisis. N Experts and Scientists say the same. The amount of radiation found in vegetables and milk produced around Fukushima has affected but the radiation is no way hazardous.

    • Fukushima uses a rather old technology. According industry experts, who spoke on BBC, modern N-plants's cooling system works even under shortage of power.

    • To my surprise, I came to know about total incompetent workmanship in N-plants of Japan. According to BBC, in the past, a N plant had let two untrained, inexperienced workers to operate on Radiation materials(they were using hand written instructions ).

      According to Govt. report, operators of Fukushima Nuclear plant skipped the testing of 31 parts, and it included source for cooling plant.

      These incidents shows that N-accidents are not just due to lack of technical knowledge but corporate corruption.

    • Last thing is N-Energy source and waste both stay local the consumer. Consumer should take responsibility for consumption, and it is also ethical. We may be rich but have no right to pollute common resource like air. No one owns air, ocean. I also hope volatility of N-Fuel may help keep the consumption low.

    Why Ocean floor always goes under continent?

    At subduction zones, the line where continent and sea-floor meet, former always goes under the latter. Reason for this is rock contained in continental-crust is lighter than the rocks made by oceanic-crush.

    In general, as we go down density of rock increases
    Density of continental crust - 2300 kg/m3
    Density of oceanic crust - 2700 kg/m3
    Density of Mantle - 3300 kg/m3

    Alternative for "more"?

    In discussions related to conserving environment, some participants say "Give me alternative for Energy, sea-food, etc..."

    Let us dig deeper in to this 'alternative' in an abstract way. Assume scientists come up with an alternative to fuel for 1 million cars and a sustainable method to feed 6 billion people. As soon as the alternative is in horizon, human's would rise their requirement to 2 million cars and 8 billion people. Our requirement has been a moving target so before anything, first we need an alternative for the attitude called "more".

    Trophy hunting of Lions

    In lay-man terms Trophy hunting is like "raaping inside prison cell, protected by police". Here is some in depth news...

    Tanzania currently allows about 500 lions and 400 leopards per year to be killed for sport across a total area of 300,000km². ....The idea is to fund conservation.

    Evidence comes from a survey of lion harvests in the country between 1996 and 2008 which found that the number of lions hunted fell by 50%.

    Lion imports
    From 1998 through 2008, at least 7,445 wild lions were traded internationally, and at least 4,021 of them were brought to the United States, including more than 3,600 for recreational trophy hunting purposes.

    US must be paying for conservation of wild-life in Africa. Why not just impose ban on US citizens importing Trophy lions in to country?. Ban would be more effective. On the same lines, we should also stop selling arms to dictators and stop paying for spreading democracy.


    Pictures in wiki helped me to understand Xenoliths; makes sense why Xenoliths are called "Foreign rock".

    Xenoliths look foreign when compared to surrounding rock or parent-rock. In other wards, Xenoliths are odd spec in a large rock. Off course this cock tail could happen only in case of igneous rocks.


    52 nations to help Japan but none to Libya

    Japan's home grown earth-quake team is considered as superior to everyone; why are 52 countries are falling on each other to help, when the Libyans fighting Qaddaffi are asking for external help since fifteen days?

    In a way I am not surprised, this is the way the world has been working. Below is some background...

    Recent massive Tsunami in Japan has drowned the urgency in Libya. Since fortnight Qaddaffi is mercilessly bombing towns occupied by rebels. These rebels are no match for air power of Qaddaffi, and every one knows about imbalance. It is a matter of days, Qaddaffi will take back these territories from rebels. Qaddaffi is ready to do anything. And what is needed is a :non-fly: zone, and international community is still thinking about it.

    -UN is not acting on no-fly zone because China and Russia are opposed
    -Arab-league did not agree on any action but requested UN to impose no-fly zone.
    -NATO is still thinking about no-fly zone
    -US wants no-fly zone to be an international effort
    -UN declared Qaddiffi's actions as War-crime.
    -Rebel towns of Libya were accepted as independent nation by France.
    -Chinese evacuated 30K chinese workers from Libya (after crisis broke)
    - Swiss froze Libyan money

    Western diplomats think that imposing :no-fly: zone is an intervention. But these diplomats do defend selling arms to Qaddaffi(I heard Brit-diplomat do on BBC). EU uses oil sold by Qaddaffi, and indirectly strengthens Qaddaffi. These two facts indicate that western countries are already intervened.

    Thinking about Software since "1833"

    Just started writing...

    If you thought pharma companies are accountable?

    In India, last year one of my relative died due to the side effect of injection.
    I though in US patient would have had some leverage to hold doctor as responsible(not that sue but on a minor scale) but that is not true.


    In this case, difference between US and India is, rules in India are gray but in US, law is clearly in favor corporation...

    SPY Cruise

    This is indeed a CRUISE where each deck holds seminar about the need for Home land security, regime change in Iran, destroying Hezbollah, etc.... In the BBC interview, the seminar holders (EX CIA agents) stated that they do not care about side-effects on the neighboring countries while implementing these war agenda.

    I get a sense that these nut-heads think policing world & water-boarding is their birth right. I think many dictators and war-criminals hold the same view; only difference is these have US diplomatic shield.



    Do parents think about future?

    I am not sure parents think about the kind of life their offspring are going to have? Thinking about future world, is something any one could do without Govt. mandate. Economics, living standard and natural resources are directly related to each other; and people have understood this from centuries; and we need to add one more parameter population to the equation.

    Going by past, only manufacturing plants can employ mass of people. As the time goes, automation will take over the manufacturing.(Imagine automating BEL, HAL, HMT etc...). In manufacturing-output, US comes top, but employs very less people compared to 70s; this is because of Automation. China will end up in same situation; once the salaries rise, and companies replace people with machine.

    I think the key thing is median-age. Lower the median age more jobs are needed, also higher chances for rise in population. Last night BBC said Arab world needs 100mil jobs because median demography is 30+. India and Indonesia also have very low median age.

    Without being specific, above details should alarm anyone (mean parent). By 2030 every infant of today would be competing with whole world. Given all this, people in India should be reducing population at an industrial scale.

    Win2008R2 - 'modified Time' sorting bug

    1) Sorting of files in Explorer in Windows 2008R2 is not correct. This post describes it well


    This problem is extremely annoying. I have folder containing lot of files and most have hard time knowing which one got edited last.

    2) File-Properties does not show actual modified time. Example : Says this "file was modified 10minutes ago" not "10:10 1/1/2010"

    No wonder MS is not able to capture non-tech market. Non-tech users get completely confused when new OS changes the tools and views that are fundamental. Saying "file was modified 10minutes ago" is clever but does not add much value. Compare this with real life, we do not re-learn the physical act of eating once every time year. Imagine how hard it is to shift from spoon & fork to chap-stick. Learning to eat chap-stick may at least increase your motor skill.

    Windows 2008R2 File system problem

    Hyper-V is hosting a guest-os, WinXP. One of the physical hard drive(say K) is directly connected to Guest-os, using Hyper-V setting. This physical hard drive(K) is completely dedicated to Guest-os. This physical hard drive(K) is disabled from the point of view of Host-os.

    This setup worked fine for a while.... One day the guest-os corrupted the physical hard drive's filesystem. I disconnected the physical hard drive(K) from Guest-os, and unhid it from Host-os. I was trying to run chkdisk using Host-os. Host-OS, Windows 2008 R2 could not complete chkdisk. In the end OS froze and even shutdown also hung saying "waiting for windows Event service", then I had to powered off.

    I rebooted the machine and began by stopping Hyper-V service. Then successfully ran HD Tune, verified the hard drive. Then I tried to run chkdsk and it failed again. Like before OS froze and had to power-off.

    Then, I opened the machine, manually took out the drive(K) and connected to laptop as external hard drive. Laptop running WinXP, ran ChkDsk without any problem. I also formatted the drive (K), and changed the SIGNATURE .

    I connected the drive(K) to Windows 2008R2 again. I had changed the signature of hard drive, to eliminate any chances of Hyper-V service accessing physical device but this did not help; Storage manager hung as before.

    Finally I manually took out Segate drive from machine...

    Windows 2008R2 - Audacity problem

    I am a longtime Audacity user on Windows XP. With Windows 2008R2 I am having strange problems.

    I start Audacity, and record for 50sec, and save it as MP3 file. I verify the recording quality and sounds fine. Then I record for longer duration; this time audio file is completely useless, hell a lot of noise.

    No I am not under digital hallucination.

    Windows 2008R2 audio crackling

    Windows 2008R2

    Sound card
    Audio card: Auzentech X-plosion 7.1
    Audio controller: C-Media (
    DirectX: 11
    Output port: SPD-IF

    MP3 audio skids, makes crackling sounds. All windows sounds like IM, have been disabled. Cracking sound increases when I open 'Device Manager' or 'Browse directory'. MP3 files are on a separate physical hard drive. This problem persists even when the OS is practically idle(no internet browser, video player, Adobe, msword, etc..). This is playing MP3, not streaming or playing DVD.

    1) AudioDg.exe is not taking lot of memory. Event Viewer says: "Windows Audio Device Graph glitch threshold count exceeded". Most probably this is the culprit. Every audio goes through this stupid exe.

    2) I did not have any such problem with previous OS that is WinXP. Current OS is a fresh/clean install.

    I may have to go back to Win32XP because I see many other symptoms that tell something is really wrong.

    Remains of secret war of 1964 - 1973

    Excerpts from BBC - Claudia Hammond on Loas

    Full report:

    During the so-called secret war between 1964 and 1973, the US spent $2m (£1.3m) a day dropping bombs on this part of Laos in a failed attempt to prevent communism from taking hold.The equivalent of a plane-full of bombs dropped every eight minutes for nine years.
    Local people make use of the old ordnance for window boxes, cluster bombs as ash-tray.
    Yet thousands of items of unexploded ordnance remain and from time to time children still lose limbs from explosions after picking up the old cluster bombs, which look like shiny yellow tennis balls. The first safety songs they learn at school are not about crossing the road, but about the dangers of touching any metal they might find.

    Unexploded has prevented formers from cultivating all of the land...

    Laos: Most heavily bombed place on Earth

    Obama and his inspirational speeches

    I feel Obama's speeches highly inspirational but we desperately need someone else to enact them...

    When ever Obama speaks, the historians with a fresh load of ants in their brain start comparing Obama's speech to some other dead president's speech...and I heard them go really high on radio...

    BTW.I have been listening to Obama's speeches since 2006....Yes they are no doubt inspirational...

    Rigging Govt.

    James Grimaldi described how the Rifle companies have officially rigged the US Govt. Here is mind blowing points that are anathema to fair democracy....

    -It is illegal for authorities to maintain a computerized record of gun buyers, as consequence everything is being tracked using paper.

    -Govt. dept. dealing with hand-guns and weapons is exempt from 'Freedom of Information' act.

    Terri Gross interviewing James

    Diplomats 1

    Debate of Wikileaks hardly goes without words about Diplomats These are my views on diplomacy

    Diplomats are not church going pious people that need protection. Many times diplomats negotiate for war, and if you want evidence just look what happened before Iraq war.

    Diplomats have also created many international crisis, and on the top of that list is Al-qaeda. US diplomacy was to train Mujaheddin fighters(Al-qaeda) and Pakistan intelligence(ISI), to take on Russians based in Afghanistan. Over the decades Mujaheddin's have dispersed in to so many terrorist groups and are kept alive by ISI. Terrorism, a nameless enemy, may end up as our generation's biggest problem, and I blame US diplomats.

    Diplomats have used 'American Interest' as justification to keep up the autocrats in middle-east countries; to name a few Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Egypt. After 9/11 attack on New york, Bin laden told US presence in Saudi angers him, and US diplomats does not seem to care about it. By heading to Bin Laden we are not deserting a good democracy but a autocratic royal family. For decades, the oppressed citizens of above countries have seen US and their repressive in Govt in the same bed, and Al-qaeda has been has churning this anger to revolt against US. Smart diplomacy would be for US to cut ties with these dictators(including Israel). Many honest politicians like Ron Paul have suggested the same. Unfortunately US diplomats still follow the failed 'American Interest' agenda. Knowing all these I have no sympathy for this bunch. Diplomats do a hack job( in the name of 'American Interest') and come with another hack solution. Now we are sitting on pile of diplomatic hacks. All this has done is keeping Military firms in business, and providing fodder(in the form of issue) for US presidential election.

    Diplomats have to be open because they represent nations not individuals, so diplomats can not claim the privilege of doctor & patient confidentiality. In US and Indian diplomacy, people of respective nation have the right to know what is going on. Especially the citizens of weaker partner nation should know that other dominant nation is not coercing.

    I recommend people America see the diplomacy as an outsider, using a bit of ethical sense, instead of just militaristic 'American interest'.

    How media inflated Saddam statue take down

    Propublica article