Sensing ability of specialized individual and ordinary person

To recognize that that air is fresh one need not have to be scientist. That said scientist certainly has edge over layman because of his ability to split the air particles. Similarly to feel and understand the poem one need not have to be Professor in language (say English). Professor may be able to appreciate metering and use of syllables.

Greatness of Wikipedia

Wikipedia site, for layman like me, gives an impression that I am reading biographical history of individual. Generation grown being with Internet is less prone to doubt its merits. So whatever is your opinion, for a second, assume that Wikipedia site is akin to history book. Greatness of Wikipedia is it gives space for World leaders like Gandhi without denying space for porn stars.

What historian may say on Bush on Hamas

In few more hours GW Bush is going give the control of not only US but virtually the stop dictating things to whole World.

Bush and Hamas share same time in history so take a hypothical situation of a histrorian comparing Hamas's role with that of Bush's; The historian, looking back at Bush's actions, may say that he fought for spreading freedom and democracy across the world, and I do not agree with that judgment and add that, on the same standard Hamas members would become freedom fighters.

Munsel and Classical color wheels

This is the notes that I made while discussing Munsel Color wheel and Classical Color wheel with my cousin.

Shrinking Kitchen

Yesterday I was at my friend's house, it looked like recent construction. Kitchen did not appear to have its own space, instead looked to be part of living-room; like finger nail and finger. At one time homes used to have four walled kitchen,distinct like bedroom. Gradually kitchen's presence is shrinking.

Shrinking kitchen reflects change in society. People hardly cook at home. Some heat frozen vegetable or prepared food, and many do not even do that.

Few months back, I came across an interesting book, called "In defence of food", this is primarily about industrialization of food and also about talks about disappearing tradition of cooking. One food company marketer predicts demise cooking tradition in coming decades.

"Small town values" muslim passengers removed from DC flight

These fellow passengers are disgusting, they do not deserve to live any civilized society, let alone USA. That ****ing airTran should get sued till to death.

AirTran spokesman Tad Hutcheson says the airline strictly followed federal rules.
Idiots at Govt. advice people to "report any suspicious activity"; these phobic people think that every muslim/forigner about to lynch them. Stupid Govt. should clearly state what it means "report any suspicious activity". My question is how these fucking passengers say that is suspcious when they can not even understand the language.

May be this is what they mean when they say "Small town values"