poem - mist is gone now summer is on

--- "mist is gone now summer is on" -----
starting from winter headed to summer
my mind is driving in time forever

thinking of her decision with pain
searching for reasons in vain
fog of confusion is making me insane

radio is speechless and car stereo is silent
and rear view mirror shows no head light
but engine's breath is breaking the quite night
while mind is busy disecting the past,
I, alone drive with no haste
to picture the mountain soaked in mist...

morning dew glistens on the mountain
and loses its glue to the piercing sunshine
grass have droplets waiting in line
to plunge in to that unknown
in the mean time breeze whistles on
"mist is gone summer is on "...

dry grass blades are dancing under the late sun
with disappointment I squint in to orange horizon
this is what I find written around the slipping sun
"mist is gone summer is on "...

While driving back home I felt like beaten
like those mist and dew which lost to the sun
and I hear my radio say again and again
"mist is gone summer is on "...