What is common between US & EU banking system?

Recent economic crisis has affected banks in US, EU equally. Example: Iceland, the country is teathering close to national bankruptsy; few banks in UK, France, Germany, Switgherland have been rescued from melting.

-Were the banks in EU and US were following same policies or systems?
-If so, when did EU banks started following US bank's principles?

-And who forced EU banks to follow US banking system?
-Was it WTO?

I would like to know answer to these questions, and media just keeps repeating same thing again and again. When i come across a serious article, I do not know what is the motives of writer because money is too real.

Polar bear's struggle in Pig's world

If you have seen Planet Earth's videos on Polar bears, you may remember how Polar bears travel in ocean, by swimming for a while and then climbing on to a mound of snow, in order to rest. Bears supposedly repeat this exercise while they are crossing vast seas, which for human like me, looks like an epic journey, and the scale of this adventure demands some respect and recognition. Without these snow mounds to rest, Polar bears would drown out of exhaustion, admist these long journeys. So those tiny, snow mounds are very crucial for Polar Bear's life style, and with the rise in global temeparature, these snow mounds are depleating, and according to this BBC article Polar bears have started to die and some politians are still arguing whether the Polar Bears are endanagered species.

Based on following article

a) "Six polar bears recently drowned out in the open water. Their bodies were spotted by sailors."

b) Sarah Palin does not think Polar Bear is an endangered species.