Making religion and politics palatable

Religion and Politics are twins; addition of Sssexxx in to this pool would make the religion and politics more palatable. This is not my fantasy, there are one-stop-religion offering all the three under one Poolygaaamous brand...

Heaven everywhere

Nuclear plant scare

I hope current crisis at Fukushima Nuclear plant does not slow down the adaption of N-Energy.

  • News hungry media and twitter crazy public has made big deal out of Fukushima crisis. N Experts and Scientists say the same. The amount of radiation found in vegetables and milk produced around Fukushima has affected but the radiation is no way hazardous.

  • Fukushima uses a rather old technology. According industry experts, who spoke on BBC, modern N-plants's cooling system works even under shortage of power.

  • To my surprise, I came to know about total incompetent workmanship in N-plants of Japan. According to BBC, in the past, a N plant had let two untrained, inexperienced workers to operate on Radiation materials(they were using hand written instructions ).

    According to Govt. report, operators of Fukushima Nuclear plant skipped the testing of 31 parts, and it included source for cooling plant.

    These incidents shows that N-accidents are not just due to lack of technical knowledge but corporate corruption.

  • Last thing is N-Energy source and waste both stay local the consumer. Consumer should take responsibility for consumption, and it is also ethical. We may be rich but have no right to pollute common resource like air. No one owns air, ocean. I also hope volatility of N-Fuel may help keep the consumption low.