Indian ink bleeds on Gesso board

I admire the flexibility of using acrylic color ink and acrylic paint in a same painting. This works out quite well on an canvas made out of cotton, but fails easily on Gesso board, but I was expecting Indian ink to hold on, but it turned out that even Indian ink bleeds, but not to the extent of Acrylic color Ink; any bleeding is unacceptable.

Last week I initiated a sketch using Indian ink on a Gesso board and today, by accident came to know that ink is bleeding. Fortunately I had not proceeded deep in to the sketch. Initially I could not believe this, I doubted that I could have re-filled the pen without drying it properly after cleaning it with water, but that turned out to be not true. To test this out once for all, using Indian ink, I scribbled on a Gesso board and few hours later a wet brush was able smear the lines. Here is the picture of this....

So the lesson is NEVER to use ANY ink (Acrylic color ink or Indian Ink) on Gesso board; canvas seems to be best in gripping ink


Can market economy bring Democracy?

Is this really possible? today I heard yet an another discussion on this subject on radio.
Could this be a myth, being propagated intentionally, by greedy corporates who are profiting disproportionately, in disguise?

In an undemocratic state, Can the establishment of a successful business unit guard the ordinary citizen from getting arrested for no reason?

Well, I can not change anything.. writing because there is no one to talk... another sunday night talk....

To whom the life is not fair?, "potential US president" or "the deer"

A candidate running for US presidency(2008), while addressing National Rifle Association, said something to this effect, to cajole the gun loving audience to vote for him " my friend went to deer hunting but I am here addressing your organization: life is not fair...." and the lines triggered a round laughter.

I got interested in above lines, not because of the stature of the candidate or the significance of the event, but the line is not fair... can be interpreted in different directions; to whom the life is not fair?, to Mike Huckabee(potential president) or the deer that is being hunted....?

Democracy in middle east

Why did not US chose Saudi Arabia to initiate the process of the democratisation in Middle East?

Democracy needs consensus and because US is in good terms with Saudi Arabia, it would have been much easier to trigger democracy there compared to Iraq.