thanks giving...

there were few notable things in this long weekend...

-Friday dinner cookie said "Friendship is the only rose with no thorns"
-Later that night,coffeshop conversation had a long awaited aroma and nice..

poem - even clock shrink

as the days pass
our horizon differ

trains run on time
signal starts to fade

even clock shrink
start to mute thunder

moon, last night's star
is now a nondescript scar

fall best pictures

1) Till recently I was hesitant to create photo opportunities. My friend influence helped me to over come this. Here is my first such work

2) Casual shot taken in my house

3) Foliage in Central park, Newyork city

some questions?

This weekend I had a friend to talk the whole weekend and it produced following unnecessary thoughts...

1) Secrecy is relative
2) Can there be a two-way river?
3) In an Indian marriage, everybody is spirutially involved except the couple themself..!!!
4) Why statue of liberty, in Newyork, is woman?

natural, synthetic color pigments

natural, synthetic color pigments
Artist colors are made using pigments. Some pigments are found in the nature and they are called as Natural pigments
Pigments can also be prepared in lab and are known as Synthetic pigments. Paints based on Synthetic pigments, on thier labels, may have "hue" as prefix.

Single pigment color and multi pigment color
Single pigment colors are made out of one pigment.
Multi pigment colors are mixture of more than one pigment.
Colors produced this way may not be as brilliant as Single pigment colors.
Ex: Alizarin Crimson is a mixture of Quinacradone Violet and Naphtol Red. Quinacradone Violet has blue bias and Naphtol Red has orange bias When we mix Alizarin crimson with someother color; we may get unexpected colors because of orange bias and blue bias of original colors.

What is pigment?

colors represent emotions

colors and emotions
Artists use different color to portray various emotions.
I came across this material while reading about the preparation of artist paints.

Red-----> Aggressive, passionate and strong
Orange--> Fun, cheerful, warm and exuberance
Yellow--> Positive & sunshine
Green---> Tranquil and fresh
Blue----> Authoritative, dignified and secure
Purple--> Sophisticated, expensive and royal
Brown---> Utilitarian, earthy
Gray----> sombre, practical and corporate
Black---> serious, bold, classic
White---> peace, refined, truthfull
pink----> feminine, innocence, soft

mother effort v/s father's effort

As adults, when we look back at our childwood, we remember mother's effort in bringing us up than the father's. Father's efforts goes unnoticed by child because they are indirect.

poem - mist is gone now summer is on

--- "mist is gone now summer is on" -----
starting from winter headed to summer
my mind is driving in time forever

thinking of her decision with pain
searching for reasons in vain
fog of confusion is making me insane

radio is speechless and car stereo is silent
and rear view mirror shows no head light
but engine's breath is breaking the quite night
while mind is busy disecting the past,
I, alone drive with no haste
to picture the mountain soaked in mist...

morning dew glistens on the mountain
and loses its glue to the piercing sunshine
grass have droplets waiting in line
to plunge in to that unknown
in the mean time breeze whistles on
"mist is gone summer is on "...

dry grass blades are dancing under the late sun
with disappointment I squint in to orange horizon
this is what I find written around the slipping sun
"mist is gone summer is on "...

While driving back home I felt like beaten
like those mist and dew which lost to the sun
and I hear my radio say again and again
"mist is gone summer is on "...

find yourself

After eating chicken in Steak house, these thoughts hatched out of mind...

" a noman land, there is none to discover except yourself.."