"wine, women, warmth.." - Darwin

"Knotted Tongues" book says Charles Darwin was a stammerer. I did not know this.
Book had a very interesting quote from Darwin;
"Wine, women, warmth, against our lives combine,But what is life without warmth, women, wine"
..so true...

India's Indipendence day....

Yestarday, Aug 15 was India's Indipendence day....

Me and my Chinese friend, J, were speaking about it.
J shocked me by saying "China celebrates their Independence day.."
I said "Yes, everybody have their own definition for liberty .
Even no more having to be compulsively nice to somebody could be defined as liberty"

".....can see through women...."- Groucho Marx

"Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot" - Groucho Marx
This is fascinating quote I read more than 10 years in 20 year old Reader Digest's magazine...

This great quote can be intrepreted in many ways, and this is all about that quote...

Me and my Chinese friend were trying to decipher this quote.

Chinese friend said "my interpretation is men can never understand women and probably vice versa."

Me responded, "If one can see through something, it means its TRANSPARENT. When something is transparent you are NOT seeing it; instead you are seeing what is on the other side of it. So, to see through woman, her body should be TRANSPARENT, and viewer misses the beautifull woman body itself. Do not a man miss something if he can not see the body? "

Chinese friend said "..the according to your theory even women can say same about the men.. " yes they can..

So, men do not want to see throught women because they miss her body.
Similarly, women does not want to see through men...

chaos in life

If hair were to quantify the amount of chaos in life., bald men will have most stable mind & life.
No wonder, love always follows bald men, because it makes practicle sense...:-)