Black & Decker, why the fuc* rice cooker stops working?

Today my Black & Decker stopped turning on...
1) what fuc*ing unmastered complicated technology runs inside this rice cooker?
2) why you fuck*s make product that fails in 2 years?
3) why do you create unnecessary waste to pollute the planet and then come on TV and talk about saving the fuck*ing planet?

You corporates are disgusting people... I do not even have words for you fucke*s

"Raven hair turns gray" -- how it happened?

This image took shape in my mind during the last weeks of my interaction with my gray-haired friend, Jeanne. This sketch is a last word in that conversation that lasted couple of years.

Following are components and ideas of sketch.

There is a face in the bottom corner and every other component of this sketch belongs to the person represented by this face; and probably that individual is dead or in the vicinity of it. When I started working on this sketch, first, face came out as man's face, may be due to wrinkles and later I tried to change it to woman's face; and it seems eventually it ended up having tiny features of both gender.

Life and it's change
In this sketch, Hair represents life and variation in the density of hair shows change in strength. Hair starts thick with undulations, fluctuation; and with the age it becomes flat,lean and dim, like river in desert.

I used Rapidograph pens to draw hair but Rapidograph pens produces flat, unwavering lines. So, to bring some texture in, I had to use 5 different pens, each containing different size nib(0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm and 0.80mm).

Breadth of Life or Age
Line made by parting hair(parting-line) on the scalp is used to show breadth or age or movement in life; and this parting line looks like river. When I started working on this sketch, I wanted parting-line to resemble a winding road and it was a struggle to make it appear like one. After completing the sketch, I went back and changed the road in to river and also threw in two boats; the moving boat conveys living and capsized boat shows stagnation or end.

Why this name 'Raven hair turns gray'?
Even after weeks after completing this sketch, I did not have a proper title. I believe that there should be proper name to represent a painting. Few undeserving titles like "flow" were in the list. Few months back I heard a haunting song by Delgados, and they had used the phrase "raven hair" and it was still lingering in my mind; and one night, when everyone was sleeping I stole this from Delgados and connected with my sketch.

I had to practice by drawing few samples to fill-in the gaps in my imagination; and here are those samples.

Final sketch of "Raven hair turns gray"

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3

Calculating power consumption of PC...

I am not to write about save power to salvage the drowning world....

Recently I found out that on AMD Dual Core machine, "Smart sharpening" of Adobe Photoshop takes just 2sec to sharpen a image of resolution, 3000x4500. That shook me because same operation takes 40 sec on my 1.8ghz single core PC !!!!
So I started thinking of buying a new motherboard, RAM, Dual Core CPU...
but I wanted to retain existing power supply and was not sure whether it can feed 5HDs and also new Dual Core CPU. So, I wanted to know, how to measure the power consumed by 5 hard disks that are currently sitting in my PC.
This hightly informative and also practical post guided me while estimating the power consumed by devices of my PC.
In the early stages of this research I found out that once started that my 410W PSU can supply the WATS required by 5HDs and DualCore CPU, but in this investigation I found out that what also matters is the power required at the time booting because devices draw their peak current ONLY at the time of booting. So I dug out manufacturer's specification for all HDs and noted down the maximum current needed at the time of booting.
This is my power supply (PSU) specification

As the image shows my PSU could deliver a maximum of 20Amps @ 12V.
Following shows the current drawn by various devices, at the time of booting..

Case fans(3)------->0.5
AMD Dual CPU------->8.24
Total 19.14A

Conclusion: 19.2A is not far from 20A, which is the maximum current that my existing PSU can deliver, so I decided to buy an external harddrive enclosure to host Samsung 250gb SATA drive and this would bring down boottime current demand from 19.2 to 17.1...