Swiss bank rules are discriminatory and dogmatic

1) Swiss bank, UBS say "Under Swiss bank secrecy laws, disclosing clients’ names is a criminal offense that can carry prison terms and large fines. "

2) Taliban says that according our age old customs, it is criminal for women to claim equality with men.

I think both 1 & 2 are descriminations that should be abolished without any debate. For Tax criminals Swiss is same as Afghanistan is to terrorists.

What is loosing-touch?

We say, "I lost touch with him"; What does that mean, on a scale of 1 to 10?. Following is my observation (not a theory :-) about loosing-touch.

Let us start with two random individuals L & M, who do not know about each other at all. And some how L & M develop a friendship, and then L brings L1, M brings M1 in to group. In the end, group consists of L, M, L1 and M1. Assume that this group does not grow any more, all it contains is four individuals. Few decades pass by and all four stay as friends.

Then one day M dies, and the remaining members of group(L1, M1 and L) may not feel that they lost 100% contact with M because they can still talk to someone about M. To make this more clear, let us focus on L. In spite of M's demise, L may not feel that she/he lost all contact with M because L can still talk to L1 & M1 about M.

Then few years later both M1 and L1 die, leaving L alone. Now L, at last feels that he/she lost all contact with M, L1 and M1 because L can not talk to anyone about three missing friends M, L1 and M1. Note that L may still have 1000 freinds but can not talk about M or L1 or M1 with them.

So, I somewhat or loosely summarize this as follows: an individual(X) looses 100%contact with another individual(Y), only when X can no longer discuss about Y with anyone.

A question remains?
In the context of above example, assume M has left an offspring, and does that make L feel that he/she still has contact with M? May be...

Applying this to our real life....
One may get away by not noticing this at all, as long as the individual resides among the people with who you grew up( like classmates, same town, same community etc....). Immigrants are good candidate to test this hypothesis :-)