"Austria", Iran of west?

David Irving, prosecuted by Austrian court for denying Holocaust

Its unbelievable..
How can someone be prosecuted for his opinion?
Its suck bloody, fu*** law..

Does US should prosecute person who denies 9/11 ?

Its so shocking....
Austrians do not have any moral right to blame mulsims for protesting against Mohammud's cartoon.

poem "invincible winter tree"

invincible winter tree

you are so fine
indivisible by eyes
elude even the snow grains

you have an unique
signature, made of twigs
scribbled on gray space

your naked flame
dodges the cold air and
kept you warm enought to live

your web is incomprehensible
to my infinite mind and
untracable by trembling brush

poem by MS sufferer

I found this intense poem by accident.


I was looking for an open source MP3 encoder library so that I can make my own MP3 files.
If anybody is interested in writing an s/w application for making they can use this LAME library.

If you are curios about MP3 patents too…

Is .Net slower? a nice article

I wanted to know how managed C++ works in .Net environment. While doing this research I found some usefull articles.

Writing Faster Managed Code: Know What Things Cost

free speech: "holier" than "godS".

I think Danish paper did not do anything wrong by publishing Prophet Muhammad's cortoon. Some muslism followers might have felt hurt; but freedom of expression is the holiest thing.

I think all the western media including US, AUS should re-publish the cartoon just to uphold the freedom of speech.

In 80', I felt sad when Indian govt banned Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses". What more can one expect from a pseudo-democracy?

According to me media should have right to publish article saying
-"Jewish holocaust was a fiction"
-cartoon on Prophet Muhammad

Cartoon itself...

Grizzly man movie

It's a real story of a man who spent months with Grizzly bears.
During this time he shot 100s of hours video of Grizzle bear from a distance too close to be comfortable.
In these videos, you can see him shooting/commenting himself with the help of tripod.
He got killed/eaten by a bear and he is from LongIsland, NY.

Highlights of the movie are

1) Closeups of bears, scenes of bears fighting, etc..
2) Why he preferred bears for human society?
What made him to isolate himself from society for seasons and live in mountains?

logo for my site.

I have been working on my site and was forced to create a logo. Here is the concept behind logo.

It's well known that painting can 'talk'; agreed it can not change the day today reality. Photographs speak too, but they are not fluent, like a stammerer. On the other hand, painting has more flexible tongue. I tried to represent 'images-expressions' in the logo.


Making of logo...
I wanted my logo to have
1) Photography:- Mountain shown in the logo is a photograph/image.

2) Painting:- floating cloud is a painting. Lips seem to assert "I am a better communicator"

3) Human:- Again, floating cloud represents human with it's flesh color, nerves and lips.

4) Nature:- Mountain, trees....

Logo is a merge of a painting & photograph.