Over-domesticated Indian society

It is an ordeal to be part of Indian culture if only you are a open-minded individual. I am not exaggerating and nor am I mad:-) it is real, you do not have to set foot on the motherland to feel the prick, traits are there even in non-tropical colonies.

I think due over domestication, animal in them has lost its teeth. No wonder many Indians boast that their society is oldest. People's life do not err, fluctuate, they are steady like railway track, nothing could change the peace except for an earthquake or hurricane. Over domestication has turned individuals in to puppets and an abstract thing called "archaic-society" hold the strings. In fact India hosts a largest assembly of puppet population :-)

Over-domestication has breed family-pride instead of national-pride. If you do not believe look at the stagnant living standard. Living standard would stay the same as long as one stays domesticated. If there are enough people pushing the envelope then the infrastructure will improve, but how much of the population thinks beyond their blood-family.

The society that can not tolerate Pamela Anderson will probably fail to breed an Einstein. Society can not have it all one way.

What is the help being frustrated, you can not change status-quo because fuc*ing population is huge. In such case there are there few things you can do
-Leave the decaying place
-Shut the door to society and live
-If you are not fortunate to execute the above, just know that there are people who understand your misery.

This blog will continue, sadly for generations...

Passage to other side

I used the word passage to create a feeling of exploration so made the passage rough. All along the history, making across a channel has been associated with pride, love and glory and I see the same scene here...

There is an another way to look at this painting and that is as trade between 2-dimensional love and 3-dimensional lust.

This is a scavenged painting....
Three years back, a model posed for students in my painting class, and she sat there for couple of hours, and I could not complete the painting in that window of 2hrs, and I did not even pretend to do so...:-). When the lady left that afternoon, I had barely made any progress and had just captured hers essentials

Two months back, while I was looking for a spare canvas for practicing, came across this painting lying in the same state as I had left 3 years ago, with just the essentials. As I said I did not reproach but wanted to cover the whole canvas with BLUE paint so that I could re-use it for practice work. With this in mind, I started to act and I had covered 90% percent of the canvas with blue expect for the prime part of the body. Then, I stopped for few moments for no reason, and at that time whole canvas had been covered with BLUE expect for the lady with orange body, and it did not require much attention to see some value in that composition. On the second attempt I saw two distinct land/sides: one covered in cold-blue and the other smeared with warm-color, then feeling lucky I stopped painting in order to take bath and there arrived at the current title.
In the coming days, I worked to make it appear like Passage to other side and got the face of rock one side and lady on other side, and note that there was no cave-man standing.
Then the idea of solitary flower came, but thought that having it alone would make it too obvious, so introduced a beholder for stem, in the form of a drawing, looking like cave-man's art work. Using drawing to make the gesture of love made sense because of it's association even gesture looked archaic and less real. Also observe the signs of flame around the beholder and animal face is apparent so sometimes it looks like me a trading of love for lust :-)

Well, irrespective of motives I am happy with this painting, oh hell, they are too. -lol

Other end of human's genteel 'Need'

We stretch our purse to us dress ourself as sophisticated individuals in society and also bestow things on our family, to show how sensitive and caring we are. This well-trodden way to become genteel human might not be so humane in the end because I believe some where a tree is going to get knocked down while we are burnishing our image in society. If we fallow the life-line of human-need, we might see a socially honorable human being at one end and a dead tree on the other end. Unfortunately, this is fact of life, we have to pollute to live comfortably, and strictly speaking every individual in civilized society puts strain on Nature in one way or other, and I do that all the time and so you also, in spite of knowing that our land is a train with no breaks.

coming back to painting...
I presume that all most all components are obvious expect for the orange object on left, and that I see as a burning electric bulb but some of my friends saw that as person's back, and I think both the impressions make sense because man pays and the electric bulb, a proxy, hunts.

This is how I got this idea; I had exhausted myself by brooding over this subject for months and suddenly this idea of leaf and electric cable entangled, as if in a duo came to my mind, and I felt relieved and was extremely happy to see the noose because it symbolized how ruthless humans could get in order to attain day-to-day comforts.

This is how the things evolved; before I started the actual work, I just had three core components in mind, and they were cable, tree-branch and noose. I knew how to glue them together but did not know how to fill rest of the canvas, and this was expected because I was not painting based on any photograph. Then moving to the backdrop of the scene, I thought of filling the left side of canvas with an orange glow as if coming from of a distant street light, and wanted this light to gradually get darker, reaching violet at the center of the canvas, and go further to become dark blue near the right edge. So I wanted the background to grow as follows (start-with-Orange)->(dark-red->violet-in-middle)->(dark-blue-on-right-edge).

With these impressions in mind, I started working on creating the effect of distant street light, and while I was struggling to do this, I saw the orange colored shape resembling a hut develop and was in two minds whether to go with hut or continue to the effort to get street-light effect but I did not favor the idea of hut because it did not go well with the overall story of the painting. I tried again to get the street-light effect but the orange glow started looking like an electric bulb, and this is something which I had never imagined but electric-bulb fitted well with over all theme of painting so I happily embraced the light-bulb instead of street light:-). This is an example for spontaneous evolution. I was worried that noose could get lost in dark background but electric-bulb took care of the that, and it's light was strong enough to illuminate the grass/land surrounding noose, thus I was able to make noose stand out.

Color of noose...
I selected bright blue for electric cable because of two reasons: one is that color blue, stands for industrialization(energy needs and atomization of life) and the another is that blue colored loop stood well against warm orange background.

-I was tense and too cautious while working on leaf so they look somewhat
- This painting is for just personal fancy, without any great intension because we
all know well that day-to-day needs are unsurmountable...

Riddled with money

I have listened to the kins of economy talk about it's growth and they really believe that growth as the ultimate truth but many outsiders, who are not enemies, do not see that way. Apart from this, I strongly believe that nature usually pays for every dollar that we earn and I brooded about this for months and some how this idea of leaf bearing a hole, looking like $, came to my mind. The idea in raw form was to draw a leaf with perforation resembling dollar sign.

Now coming back to painting....
I wanted just the leaf nothing else on canvas and so thought of using a small canvas to hold just a leaf. Around that time, I had abandoned a painting, done on a small canvas and it had streaks of colors drawn using random acrylic colors; and these colors were dark enough to stage a leaf starkly, so I decided to re-use that abandoned 8' x 10' canvas.

Around the same time my friend introduced me to his friend in Goth club and he being an experienced painter suggested me to practice several times before moving on to eventual canvas. I too had thought of this earlier but had not acted on it and some how practicing was not my style and lack of time was my excuse but his words made my guilt float so determined, I started practicing timidly, by drawing a leaf with $ imprinted on it and the canvas that I used had white background but my eventual canvas had dark background. Well it was not a perfect practice session but reduced my guilt, see I am not a true painter :-)

Then I started working on real canvas and painted a leaf and $. It took several days to get the leaf & dolor right and you know I am not well versed in painting :-). The dolor sign that I had drew had one line but my friend said that there should be two lines and I too had suspected this but the google search had mislead me. Then I re-worked to get another line on $. So if look closely you will see two lines on S :-)

I still do not think that I have done good job here because few could not visualize it as $ and and emphasis this point, I prepared following collage by placing same painting in two different orientations.

What about the face?
In the middle of the canvas, there is a face with two eyes and that was an accident; and yes that face looks like the face in Munch's painting Scream.