Foreign chains fail in India because they build Top-down

According to the businessman quoted here 'Foreign chains fail in India because they build Top-down'. These large retailers like Walmart start building from Top, by setting up team for marketing, team for social media etc. This bloated workforce makes it hard to cut margins. Indian consumers are not ready to make feels-good purchases and go for who ever is cheap. It is not that these foreign have any better product; it is all made in China.

Lower the standard of education to keep up diversity

Colleges are eliminating the need for standardized test to join college. This is to promote liberal agenda of diversity.

“The measure of a woman’s ambition and intelligence is so much more than a standardized test score,” Alecia DeCoudreaux, dean of Mills College, a small women’s college in San Francisco

"Admissions counselors can enroll a more diverse class if the test requirement is dropped, said George Washington spokeswoman Maralee Csellar.

Similar strategy was used to push women in to Military

Example of "over analysis": avoiding mosquito bite through chemical means(more products)

I am not the first one to say "what is wrong with USA?"

Avoiding Mosquito bite

Articles gives a list of products but no word about. No durable solution provided.
--Mosquito net
--Long sleeve shirts & pants

Going by the content, author has not lived in any 3rd world country. Unfortunately there is a generation of Americans bought up with this mentality of no common sense and over analysis.