corneal transplant

my corneal transplant
On 22nd Feb 2005, I underwent Corneal Transplant. That day, my cornea was replaced by dead person's cornea. Even before the surgery I had plans of documenting my eye's post-surgical progression. I took picture of eye before and after the surgery.

picture Before surgery
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post-surgical period
Because of bleeding in my eye, I was not able take picture of my eye on the first day. On the 2nd day, I tried shooting myself, using a mirror but I was not able to focus to my eyes. A week later my friend, Long, took some pictures (using Pentax 100mm f2.8 macro)

picture After surgery (see cornea & stitches)
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White tissue is the new cornea and black threads are the stitches.

My eye disease is called as Keratoconus. This will result in distorted, and virtually useless, cornea; this makes any sort of vision correction, using glass, contact lens, Lasik, impossible. After surgery, with the new cornea, vision correction becomes possibility..

More details on Keratoconus

Thanks to
-JackZito took care of me during pre & post surgical stages..
-dead person, who's cornea I carry...

now, contaminated, I can see better..