Trophy hunting of Lions

In lay-man terms Trophy hunting is like "raaping inside prison cell, protected by police". Here is some in depth news...

Tanzania currently allows about 500 lions and 400 leopards per year to be killed for sport across a total area of 300,000km². ....The idea is to fund conservation.

Evidence comes from a survey of lion harvests in the country between 1996 and 2008 which found that the number of lions hunted fell by 50%.

Lion imports
From 1998 through 2008, at least 7,445 wild lions were traded internationally, and at least 4,021 of them were brought to the United States, including more than 3,600 for recreational trophy hunting purposes.

US must be paying for conservation of wild-life in Africa. Why not just impose ban on US citizens importing Trophy lions in to country?. Ban would be more effective. On the same lines, we should also stop selling arms to dictators and stop paying for spreading democracy.


Pictures in wiki helped me to understand Xenoliths; makes sense why Xenoliths are called "Foreign rock".

Xenoliths look foreign when compared to surrounding rock or parent-rock. In other wards, Xenoliths are odd spec in a large rock. Off course this cock tail could happen only in case of igneous rocks.

52 nations to help Japan but none to Libya

Japan's home grown earth-quake team is considered as superior to everyone; why are 52 countries are falling on each other to help, when the Libyans fighting Qaddaffi are asking for external help since fifteen days?

In a way I am not surprised, this is the way the world has been working. Below is some background...

Recent massive Tsunami in Japan has drowned the urgency in Libya. Since fortnight Qaddaffi is mercilessly bombing towns occupied by rebels. These rebels are no match for air power of Qaddaffi, and every one knows about imbalance. It is a matter of days, Qaddaffi will take back these territories from rebels. Qaddaffi is ready to do anything. And what is needed is a :non-fly: zone, and international community is still thinking about it.

-UN is not acting on no-fly zone because China and Russia are opposed
-Arab-league did not agree on any action but requested UN to impose no-fly zone.
-NATO is still thinking about no-fly zone
-US wants no-fly zone to be an international effort
-UN declared Qaddiffi's actions as War-crime.
-Rebel towns of Libya were accepted as independent nation by France.
-Chinese evacuated 30K chinese workers from Libya (after crisis broke)
- Swiss froze Libyan money

Western diplomats think that imposing :no-fly: zone is an intervention. But these diplomats do defend selling arms to Qaddaffi(I heard Brit-diplomat do on BBC). EU uses oil sold by Qaddaffi, and indirectly strengthens Qaddaffi. These two facts indicate that western countries are already intervened.