US Auto industry may need a correction
When I started my life in US, in Bay area, what surprised me was that series of big car dealerships, located on either side of El Camino Real. It created an impression in me that Americans eat cars for breakfast. Car is a utility and I do not think that should be elephant in the room. And with this rising environment consciousness, US can no more afford to have elephant. So what I am saying is that Auto industry has to shrink and adjust to global reality. (Please note that I am not an Auto industry specialist :-) )
Auto industry has not played fairly; I read about an instance where GM bought a public transportation system just to kill. Also, just few years back, GM was broadcasting it's lack of support for sensible cars. So I do not have any sympathy for Auto industry. Yes, jobs will be lost but as I described above, Auto industry may need a correction.

Showcasing Indian Government's failure
This terrorist attack comes as no surprise to those who are living in any Indian city that is under going so-called change. All these years, we all billionth know very well that every Indian Government is ridden with corruption. And then came this age of growth through the multi-national companies, and Indian Governments instead of rising to occasion, festively continued their corrupt way of life. But we billionth, in spite of having democratic process are not able to turn this tide of irresponsible politics in a non-bloody manner. But unlike we citizens, someone had to show these Governments, the consequence of being dis-functional, and these terrorists have just done that, in a mammoth scale.
Am I happy? I can not say NO, and my feelings have gone past frustration.