"Corporate America - an Angel for Slaves" - a poem

Corporate America is
a continental grave yard
where my brain fuels the fire
and ashes becomes capital share
now my bones are an ember
still, I can't go any where
because my life too needs fire

Corporate America runs
a day less brothel, where
Me a programmed whooore
sated, still I don't go anywhere
because I need a little immoral pleasure

Corporate America is
an Angel for, we slaves
extends my immigrant-soul year a once
and without her I am nowhere

©Copyright 2006 slave

See, being part of corporate; I have to Copyright this poem, or else I will be commiting a corporate blasphemy

"protected dream" - painting

"protected dreams"

Idea behind the painting:
While sleeping we all dream. Can we touch those dreams? No, it is not possible.
Some obscure barrier, is stopping you from feeling that dream and also turning the dreamer in to a mere waiting spectator.
One can also say that this barrier is protecting the dream from you.
In deep sleep, our unconscious mind acts as barrier/protector and in reallife there are myriad facts to guard the dream.
And this painting is all about a barrier, dreamer and his/hers protected dream.

About the painting itself
So following three things make up this painting
1) Dream:- Bright Orange background is the dream.
2) Barrier with key hole:- Murky black layer is the barrier and also the protector of the dream
3) Hands:- These two hands represent the stranded dreamers, waiting on the wrong side of the barrier.
Hand of a child and hand of an adult say every one dreams :-)

Other interesting things...
a) How to paint a dream?
It took few weeks to figure out this. I did not want the dream to have any familiar shape or thing.In the end, based on my own dream, I covered the canvas with reddish-orange color.

b) How to represent barrier?
I did not want to have barrier made of bars and grill; so I gave random shape to barrier.Random shape makes sense because of two reason; first is that dreams are fuzzy so are the barrier; and second reason is barriers are gray.

c) Glow?
The part that I like the most in this painting is the glow of the dream on hands.
This idea came just I was about to finish the painting :-)