Swiss bank rules are discriminatory and dogmatic

1) Swiss bank, UBS say "Under Swiss bank secrecy laws, disclosing clients’ names is a criminal offense that can carry prison terms and large fines. "

2) Taliban says that according our age old customs, it is criminal for women to claim equality with men.

I think both 1 & 2 are descriminations that should be abolished without any debate. For Tax criminals Swiss is same as Afghanistan is to terrorists.

What is loosing-touch?

We say, "I lost touch with him"; What does that mean, on a scale of 1 to 10?. Following is my observation (not a theory :-) about loosing-touch.

Let us start with two random individuals L & M, who do not know about each other at all. And some how L & M develop a friendship, and then L brings L1, M brings M1 in to group. In the end, group consists of L, M, L1 and M1. Assume that this group does not grow any more, all it contains is four individuals. Few decades pass by and all four stay as friends.

Then one day M dies, and the remaining members of group(L1, M1 and L) may not feel that they lost 100% contact with M because they can still talk to someone about M. To make this more clear, let us focus on L. In spite of M's demise, L may not feel that she/he lost all contact with M because L can still talk to L1 & M1 about M.

Then few years later both M1 and L1 die, leaving L alone. Now L, at last feels that he/she lost all contact with M, L1 and M1 because L can not talk to anyone about three missing friends M, L1 and M1. Note that L may still have 1000 freinds but can not talk about M or L1 or M1 with them.

So, I somewhat or loosely summarize this as follows: an individual(X) looses 100%contact with another individual(Y), only when X can no longer discuss about Y with anyone.

A question remains?
In the context of above example, assume M has left an offspring, and does that make L feel that he/she still has contact with M? May be...

Applying this to our real life....
One may get away by not noticing this at all, as long as the individual resides among the people with who you grew up( like classmates, same town, same community etc....). Immigrants are good candidate to test this hypothesis :-)

Running bare footed on sand

At around 1998, we were trecking in remote part of India. On that day, we started trecking early in morning, in bare feet(to avoid shoes from getting wet in stream). Sun had whole sky for himself, and we started to head back at around 2.00pm. On the way back, we had to cross appromximately 2kms of land, almost flat, with no grass, no shade and ground was dusty and baking. We were bare footed and there was no respite from hot ground, so we almost ran the whole distance continously, to reach the place where we had deposited our footwear. It seemed, as we ran faster, every step became closer to heat.

Marriage is like this run; bare feet, on shade, hot sandy ground. I am not saying life is desert, but I am focussing on the consistent speed of runner and also the frequency at which his/her's feet has to hit ground. On this marathon, runners should not forget to keep their foot off of hot sand, so as to not get burnt. So it is all about consistency, should be more consistent than breathing.

Moral of this story is, one should drink but not much; should sleep not too late, not too long; should not blog for too long :-)

Carol Leifer uses 'self-examination' to indicate her visits to Psychologist

For Kellermann's peers to learn
I have read several opinions on Kellermann's death. I would not say it is a sad event. Guy was not happy, so took this step, and his death is not going to load burden on society because he was financially sound. This event is devastating to his family but could still live comfortably.

His peers have only one thing to learn that is death is going to be same for everyone; all we are doing is here is spend some time and let us be fair

Reincarnation: an infinite torture

This is an another a way to view reincarnation that I heard in Deine Lakaien's song Reincarnation. I am far from believing dogmas like reincrnation but if it all exists it is bloody recursive loop. May be this song will wakeup the believers :-)

Reincarnation.......our bloody fate
Reincarnation.......the torture will not end
Reincarnation.......our bloody fate

Deine Lakaien - Reincarnation

There is no peace in heaven
There is no peace on earth
There is no love in heaven
There is no love on earth
There is no faith in heaven
There is no faith on earth
There is no hope in heaven
There is no hope on earth

So you go round and round
another live another wound
from death to birth, from birth to death
No time to waste, no time to rest
So you go round and round
another live another wound
and when you finally touch the light
they send you back into the night

There are no friends in heaven,
there are no friends on earth
There are no saints in heaven,
there are no saints on earth
There are no ghosts in heaven,
there are no ghosts on earth
There are no gods in heaven,
there are no gods on earth

Reincarnation, the torture will not end
Reincarnation, our bloody fate...
Reincarnation, the torture will not end
Reincarnation, our bloody fate...

Did he say Banks have capital?

“Currently, the vast majority of banks have more capital than they need to be considered well capitalized by their regulators,” Geithner said

Read this...

...Bank of America`s total credit exposure to derivatives was 179 percent of its risk-based capital; Citibank`s was 278 percent; JPMorgan Chase`s, 382 percent; and HSBC America`s, 550 percent. It gets even worse: Goldman Sachs began reporting as a commercial bank, revealing an alarming total credit exposure of 1,056 percent, or more than ten times its capital!...

attributes of happyness

I think people use wrong attributes to measure happyness: No, I am not going to say money, it is number human relations. Many equate not having money and time sucking, complex web of relations as being deprived of happyness. I do not understand that philosophy;

Some working people who got pets, to make themselves happy, may have ended up making pet's life miserble because animal is forced to spend time alone, in 20' x 20' apartment.

It is like strenous climb to just to fall :-)

Different blues

You want different BLUE hues. To start, out of tube you can get Pthalo Blue(PB), Cereleum Blue(CRB), Cobolt Blue(CB), Utramarine Blue(UB). Identify these colors on color wheel(it is as below):


Now above Blues have compliment in ORANGE and YELLOW-Orange, and those compliments colors are Burnt Sienna (BS), Burnt Umber(BU), Raw Sienna(RS), Burnt Sienna(BS) and Yellow Ochre(YO).
Identify these colors on color wheel(it is as below):


Now mix both SET-1 and SET-2 to get different compliments. These compliments are going to be dark, say these mixes as SET-C.

Now you can mix both SET-1 and SET-C to get various dull blues. I say dull because colors in SET-C is going to kill the chroma of SET-1

However you try, it is impossible to comeup with definite formula or procedure to achieve this. You have to experiment with the colors that you have; basically it is very very confusing. You better write down the results.

Does your job also suck?

Being a s/w engineer, I used to think the day of me saying that my job sucks would never come, no it is here. I do not see it changing anytime.

I feel sick looking at try/catch in C#. First of all having try/catch everywhere is a sign of lack of faith in own code or deterioring quality, and try/catch is a final weapon and using it everywhere seems like an act of desperation or overkill.

Sometime I think, developers use try/catch at the drop of the hat, to blot their code so that they can tap their own back, as if they did something big(BTW. Microsoft has given a class for every sh*t, so developers hardly have to do anything).