day after Valentaine's day

heaven weaved Marriage
in two dimensions
but untied the land to
consummate in 3 dimensions

Is 'save-planet' agenda no more virgin?

Govt's bio-fuel policies are influenced by lobbyist and also politically driven, and are not solely intended to save planet. You think I am cynical and may be you are true to some extent :-) Example: Brazil uses Sugarcane for Bio-fuel but US does not; and the reason is Sugar cane is expensive in US and why is it expensive? and Can we make it cheap ?. Based on a historic agreement between Sugarcane growers and US Govt, price of Sugar can not be adjusted and so it will always stay high. This shows how one can not be honest and also make a successful policy.

Cutting forest to grow Corn is a bad idea because along with forest goes the 1000 of years of ecosystem and bringing back this ecosystem is not as simple as planting an another tree somewhere else. What I think is that loosing forest to save few corbon does not look like a good deal to me and we should continue to use what ever we have till we come up with some healthy alternative. Look at Indonesia where farmers are turning the forest in to Palm oil (another Bio-fuel source) plantation.

I was wondering why no Govt is speaking openly against Bio-fuels and last month EU accepted that it made a mistake by endorsing Bio-fuels.

Also a company working on Cellulosic Ethonal based Bio-fuel got acquired by GM and unfortunately that news did not get any coverage.

In this current environment where EVERY decision is taken based on the economic growth, the business community has started making these superficially green products instead of producing durable products to curb rampant consumerism. Tech companies phase out their product in 6 months to show economic growth and then try to sell replacement as 'green-version'.
[waste generated by phased out product +
energy spend on making,transporting,marketing Green replacment]
does not get outweighted by
[greenness of Green replacment]

How pure is the conscience of politicians who talk about saving planet and in the next breath approve tax rebate so that consumer can buy more goods?
Have not we already polluted the pious cuase like "saving-planet"?