can we pass on the life too?

Founder of a business, when he gets bored, could hand over the business to somebody and make sure the ground work is not wasted.
Similarly, can we pass on the life too..:-)?

songs that I do not understand

Today I listened to Italian songs by "Laura Pausini" and french/english songs by
"Keren Ann" on . Karen wispers throughout the her albums and was buetifull. Karen say somethings like this in one of her songs "...I am, like river, do not listen to others, I just talk..."

Well..when I was listening to Laura's Italian songs, each songs increased my curiosity.
This has happened to me earlier also ...once I understand the song, I loose interest.

So let me not try to underestand..:-)

just news, no change

I used to fallow current events verymuch. Used play BBC online radio all the time,where they repeat news once 30mns. I had already stopped watching TV, few years back..
Example for how un-informed I am are, heard about tsunami after 5 days, and Popes died after later.

What would have happened if I had heard it. I feel how useless those news, at least for me. If I look at news today, by accident, I still see same religious fundamentalists fighting in different people wont need to fallow them too..