Selective Marxism and Capitalism inside same corporation

Based on my luke warm book knowledge, Marxism advocates normalisation of salary, and on the contrary Capitalism says more the one works the more one would earn. Bhagvath Geetha, holy literature in Hindu religion, says something like "work without worrying about outcome", which I think comes close to Marxism theory.

Now, talking about my own experience in US corporations: I have seen both these theories applied inside same company; yes, I mean both; some get Marxism and some Capitalism, depending how close you are to top. Yes, I meant, workers at lower cadre get Marxism treatment where as the top officials get to taste real Capitalism. When I say Marxism, I do not mean that lower folks get absolute zero; but compared to the leaps that top officials take in earnings, lower levels take home relatively nothing. How much one exploited depends on how expandable one is. I have seen colleagues who did not get any rise for few years in sequence.

To give more to one, company has to suck somewhere else. So saying capitalism needs Marxism is not a stretch at all.