warm-cool color painting (painting class)

In today's class I completed the Warm-Cool color painting. I had to stay extra 2hrs to complete the work. Even professor stayed along with us, this shows the her dedication to work and art.

When I started, Warm-Cool color painting, I was trying to paint the colors that I see in a cursory glance. It sometime to realize that I need to represent bright parts using Warm colors(Yellow, Orange, Red) and dark using Cool colors( Blue, Violet,green). When I started implementing this for the first time I felt discomfort and confusion. During this painting, I used violet to represent the dark part and this experience made me more relaxed about Warm-Cool color selection. As I applied this theory in to practice, I started enjoying the whole process. During this I started realizing what it means to be an "colorist". Before this experience, to represent shadow, using blue instead of gray was a strange act. Now I started appreciating those things.

Medium for Warm-Cool color painting...
This style of painting does not demand reproduction of original colors. Thus it is good for Wet-On-Wet painting.

This style, may have too many different colors. This means blending is very important and Oil paints are very good at it.

Based on above two, I will use oil paints for Warm-Cool color painting.

Using Brush...
In today's painting I had to depict the threads of bundle of yarn. For this ideally I had to use a fan-brush with bristles spread at the tip. I had to simulate this with the regular flat brush. I spread the bristels using fingers while dipping in painting and also while stroking the canvass. Holding brush like this may sound impracticle idea but holding this way creates certain tension in wrist and this provides nice rhythm for stroke movements.