Will China prove Democracy overrated?

I feel so more and more...this comes from my past experience in India and what is going on now in US. In India, politicians use democracy as weapon to destroy growth and in US politicians use it as a sequence as speed dumps(to give an impression of constructivism) to divert growth.

In both countries, people have are happy to have a choice that has been not usefull till now. Elites and pseudo intellectuals have built TV shows around this democracy.

Politicians who are part of democracy will always brag it as best option, repeat Churchhill's quote. We people believe those preaching because it makes sense to brains crippled by excess automation.

Yes, democracy gives equal TV time to both satan and saint, but it is prudent if only the people are able to see the lessening difference..

For a second, come out of Churchill's quote in to day light, and look at voparizatin of Healthcare reform and Financial Reform

We continue saying, life goes on, so does our counter part in China, so what is the difference in the end.

Well, I am not going to do anything special either. I will also wait for next placebo, called Election. And it will definately make me feel that I have acted