Diversity in rather "refined" society

By refining I mean fine tuning. We begin the process of refinement by identify the things that are most

  • suitable

  • comfortable

  • profitable

  • acceptable(socially, etc...)

  • Based on these factors we narrow down ourselves, bolster our comfort-zone; sometime at the cost of diversity. Refinement is good in several areas like Engineering(technical and medical) but not best for lifestyle areas.

    Profit driven refinement
    Initially retail shops stock popular items; and few years later stock only the popular items. Here are few examples for bad(according to me) refinements(in US)...

  • There is specific color for everything. One of my friend called this practice as color-coding. In one of the US metro, color of my friend's shirt was taken as indication of his sexual orientation. This confusion may appear as result of stereo-typing but the originally idea that people of x orientation should wear y color was designed to make (refine) identification easier.

    Far easier example for color coding is girls like pink. This is more of a product refinement. In the past, in India I have worn light pink color shirt for office. Such lack of color-code would not go unnoticed these days. This transformation is an example for narrowing.

  • Here is example for utensils refinement. I have fond it hard to get a cup or mug with sharp brim; such a cup has to be made up of steel or aluminum. Such cup is essential for my kitchen activities. Off course retail stores do not stock because majority does not use tools any more.

  • Looks like profit driven refinement has been gradually engulfing the whole every area of life. It is more like the police lifestyle of communist society but all in the name of efficiency and profitability.

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