Rigging Govt.

James Grimaldi described how the Rifle companies have officially rigged the US Govt. Here is mind blowing points that are anathema to fair democracy....

-It is illegal for authorities to maintain a computerized record of gun buyers, as consequence everything is being tracked using paper.

-Govt. dept. dealing with hand-guns and weapons is exempt from 'Freedom of Information' act.

Terri Gross interviewing James

Diplomats 1

Debate of Wikileaks hardly goes without words about Diplomats These are my views on diplomacy

Diplomats are not church going pious people that need protection. Many times diplomats negotiate for war, and if you want evidence just look what happened before Iraq war.

Diplomats have also created many international crisis, and on the top of that list is Al-qaeda. US diplomacy was to train Mujaheddin fighters(Al-qaeda) and Pakistan intelligence(ISI), to take on Russians based in Afghanistan. Over the decades Mujaheddin's have dispersed in to so many terrorist groups and are kept alive by ISI. Terrorism, a nameless enemy, may end up as our generation's biggest problem, and I blame US diplomats.

Diplomats have used 'American Interest' as justification to keep up the autocrats in middle-east countries; to name a few Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Egypt. After 9/11 attack on New york, Bin laden told US presence in Saudi angers him, and US diplomats does not seem to care about it. By heading to Bin Laden we are not deserting a good democracy but a autocratic royal family. For decades, the oppressed citizens of above countries have seen US and their repressive in Govt in the same bed, and Al-qaeda has been has churning this anger to revolt against US. Smart diplomacy would be for US to cut ties with these dictators(including Israel). Many honest politicians like Ron Paul have suggested the same. Unfortunately US diplomats still follow the failed 'American Interest' agenda. Knowing all these I have no sympathy for this bunch. Diplomats do a hack job( in the name of 'American Interest') and come with another hack solution. Now we are sitting on pile of diplomatic hacks. All this has done is keeping Military firms in business, and providing fodder(in the form of issue) for US presidential election.

Diplomats have to be open because they represent nations not individuals, so diplomats can not claim the privilege of doctor & patient confidentiality. In US and Indian diplomacy, people of respective nation have the right to know what is going on. Especially the citizens of weaker partner nation should know that other dominant nation is not coercing.

I recommend people America see the diplomacy as an outsider, using a bit of ethical sense, instead of just militaristic 'American interest'.

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