over shopping leads to Breast cancer

"Hormonal imbalance induced by over shopping could lead to Breast cancer"

This is a funny idea but why not try. This might stop us from buying the things that we do not really need. When ever we dispose a working product to replace it with a new one, we generate a chain of waste.

I feel like bribing some University Professor to voice this outrageous opinion in the name of saving planet :-)

as flower blooms

It is such a common phenomenon; petals stay clung to each other during their infancy, but as they bloom, the distance between them also increases.

bare legs in baskets

delicate, bare limbs
will fetch you footwear,
not one but a pile; to cover
till you step-out of this land

Slender fruit, being seasonal
will perish and slide,
but the bestowed baskets,
will persist and stay high

Quote by Cohen

"...she was living with some boy
who gives her soul an empty room and gives her body joy..."

-Leonard Cohen in "Death Of A Ladies' Man"

Monitoring Hard Disks with SMART

In my PC, Chasis fan and CPU fan used to run at 2500rpm and 2900rpm respectively and it was noisy; then I enabled Fan-Q-control in BIOS and CPU fan came down to 950rpm and consequently machine became silent. I have set to Q-Control is OPTIMUM. According to ASUS tool CPU & SYSTEM temparatures are 12C and 30C respectively; but HDDs are hot and I sensed it physically and this is not scientific way to measure.

I came across an article on standard that HDD manufacturer's compy to and according to that standard HDD is supposed to provide info on it's health...