Unfair price for vegetable

Today for the first time I took note of the cost of tomato that I just purchased in Stop-and-Shop grocery store. Bill reads as follows(for one tomato)

Vine Ripe Tomato $2.99/pound $1.44

What motivated to take notice is FOOD Inc movie. In that movie, Micheal Pollen talks about alarming price difference between fast-food and vegetable He says collieflower costs more than $1 while burger at McDonald costs just 99cents.

Seriously this pendulum needs correction. I do not mind paying more for burger. Let us pay fair price and tackle obesity.

TBTF or Too complex to handle?

Simon Johnson is campaigning to eliminate TBTF but Paul Krugman is not that against TBTF(based on his blog posts).

My own though is TBTF leads to complex web and makes it hard to tell where the investor's money is landing. We start to see same thing with different wrapper without adding value to customer. We are not in market utopia, so as companies grow fairness comes down.

I think not having TBTF is a pragmatic solution.