Some vote for dinner and some for future

In a democracy, some vote based on the policy that take effect immediately(ex: policy that subsidizes food grains) and others may vote based on the policy that takes effects gradually over decades(ex: high-speed train, etc... ).

Democracy where these two classes are in equal number may not prosper because they completely drag each other down, and their ambitions fail to co-exist. Such a stratified society is a sign of bad policy, root cause of many problems.

Etching in Prestige pressure cooker

I purchased 12-Ltr Prestige Pressure cooker from VCT Electronics Amazon Marketplace on Nov of 2010. Cooker has not been used more than 10 times and has developed "etches". This is aluminum cooker.

Outer surface of vessel and lid(both inside and outside) are shiny and look perfect.

Etched inner surface (bad subject for MACRO photography)

Too late to claim damage in 2010 TAX.

Nietzsche on materialism

"Possessions are usually diminished by possession"

I have heard some say Nietzsche writings are sharp, an example of it

Pre-cambrian sex-judgementality of US media

I think people seem to go out of their way to attribute sexual motivation to every damn action. Media does upright job of transforming these normal acts in to standard models like 'pedolphallia', 'nymphomania', 'fetishist', 'bisexual', 'non-sexual', 'lessbbian', 'hgaay', 'sssoodoomy'.

According to these pundits(with simple pre-Cambrian brain), majority of the world is gay because men put their arm around other men. These pundits do not even consider that every action(especially social behavioral) must be read in the context of that society.

While we in US dissect benign sexual behaviors and trademark, Chinese try to feed(with many flaws) the massive amount of people .

Lately I have started doubting endless Church scandals.

Ok- Gandhi sexuality

I read long back, in late 90' that Gandhi slept with naked women and also claimed celibacy. His point of view was if you are truly celibate you would live with women and resist, not run away like coward.

This line of argument may sound abnormal for modern generation that is driven by instant gratification; not yielding(crawling) to a desire is considered mental disease