"splitting Iraq" and "outsourcing jobs"

I have read a lot of reports recommending splitting of Iraq to bring peace. Ideally, I do not think it is a right path to take because people would always find way to discriminate agaist each other; today it is ethinc background, tomarrow it could something new, we should not yeild to it, it is a bad habit. Praposed solution is a dead end; there is only that much you can see in this road.

There is a parallel between out-sourcing and splitting of Iraq; both actions or rather reactions are very short sighted.

How many times can a society be split to gain the peace?
Similarly, without concentrating valuable inventions, how many quarters can a company show profit by just outsourcing?

End of sense of symmetry for human civilization?

When we start wearing entirely different shoe for each foot, we can assume that are screwed:-)