Win2008R2 - 'modified Time' sorting bug

1) Sorting of files in Explorer in Windows 2008R2 is not correct. This post describes it well

This problem is extremely annoying. I have folder containing lot of files and most have hard time knowing which one got edited last.

2) File-Properties does not show actual modified time. Example : Says this "file was modified 10minutes ago" not "10:10 1/1/2010"

No wonder MS is not able to capture non-tech market. Non-tech users get completely confused when new OS changes the tools and views that are fundamental. Saying "file was modified 10minutes ago" is clever but does not add much value. Compare this with real life, we do not re-learn the physical act of eating once every time year. Imagine how hard it is to shift from spoon & fork to chap-stick. Learning to eat chap-stick may at least increase your motor skill.