Running bare footed on sand

At around 1998, we were trecking in remote part of India. On that day, we started trecking early in morning, in bare feet(to avoid shoes from getting wet in stream). Sun had whole sky for himself, and we started to head back at around 2.00pm. On the way back, we had to cross appromximately 2kms of land, almost flat, with no grass, no shade and ground was dusty and baking. We were bare footed and there was no respite from hot ground, so we almost ran the whole distance continously, to reach the place where we had deposited our footwear. It seemed, as we ran faster, every step became closer to heat.

Marriage is like this run; bare feet, on shade, hot sandy ground. I am not saying life is desert, but I am focussing on the consistent speed of runner and also the frequency at which his/her's feet has to hit ground. On this marathon, runners should not forget to keep their foot off of hot sand, so as to not get burnt. So it is all about consistency, should be more consistent than breathing.

Moral of this story is, one should drink but not much; should sleep not too late, not too long; should not blog for too long :-)