Make UN a non-political body

I have heard a lot about UN resolutions in past 8 years and based on that I have arrived at the following: UN is not practical as political body and there are plenty of evidences to prove that, resolutions against Israel get vetoed out by US and UN is unable to arrive at any consensus on Dar fur because China is blocking everything as permanent member of Security council.
Even if a resolution goes through, UN will not be able to impose the resolution because it does not have strong army.

But UN is good at generating ripple about the general issues like Poverty, Global warming, etc. When UN talks, such issues get the credibility required to motivate the people to take on their respective Govt, and that could lead the individual country to take some action.

So please make UN apolitical body.
And aside from this why does China want to be permanent member of security council if it does not want to intervene in other country's internal matter? this is really puzzling me...

Glad EU is taming Microsoft.

EU is trying to do what US govt failed to do, that is to make Microsoft play fairly. Both Microsoft and other companies write applications to work against Microsoft's own products like: Exchange Server, SQL server and both theoritically use same public API but in some cases Microsoft applications seems to overcome the limitations of published API and thus outsmart the applications written by others. And this shows that Microsoft is taking advantage of their parental knowledge of their product to outsmart the third party application writers and this I think is illegal.

That said I am not a pathological MS hater and have programmed for their products since 1997; and their MSDN is an excellent source of information; and the quality of products is much better when compared to IBMs, Adobes, and other Fortune-500s...