If you thought pharma companies are accountable?

In India, last year one of my relative died due to the side effect of injection.
I though in US patient would have had some leverage to hold doctor as responsible(not that sue but on a minor scale) but that is not true.


In this case, difference between US and India is, rules in India are gray but in US, law is clearly in favor corporation...

SPY Cruise

This is indeed a CRUISE where each deck holds seminar about the need for Home land security, regime change in Iran, destroying Hezbollah, etc.... In the BBC interview, the seminar holders (EX CIA agents) stated that they do not care about side-effects on the neighboring countries while implementing these war agenda.

I get a sense that these nut-heads think policing world & water-boarding is their birth right. I think many dictators and war-criminals hold the same view; only difference is these have US diplomatic shield.



Do parents think about future?

I am not sure parents think about the kind of life their offspring are going to have? Thinking about future world, is something any one could do without Govt. mandate. Economics, living standard and natural resources are directly related to each other; and people have understood this from centuries; and we need to add one more parameter population to the equation.

Going by past, only manufacturing plants can employ mass of people. As the time goes, automation will take over the manufacturing.(Imagine automating BEL, HAL, HMT etc...). In manufacturing-output, US comes top, but employs very less people compared to 70s; this is because of Automation. China will end up in same situation; once the salaries rise, and companies replace people with machine.

I think the key thing is median-age. Lower the median age more jobs are needed, also higher chances for rise in population. Last night BBC said Arab world needs 100mil jobs because median demography is 30+. India and Indonesia also have very low median age.

Without being specific, above details should alarm anyone (mean parent). By 2030 every infant of today would be competing with whole world. Given all this, people in India should be reducing population at an industrial scale.