Google's ads. has made web a vulgar place

Google's ad. are like leeches there are on every webpage. Like the above example, placement of ad. could be deceptive.

I do not know why at all a company pays for placing it's ad. because there would be 10 other ads. on a single page, competing for attension. Google is just making money by letting every tom & dick showcase his or her's greed.

Web user is a victim of this maelstrom of Google ads in few ways:
a) Many of these ad. links might take you to a spam site; and a novice user, could easily land himself in trouble.

b) These ads. does not have iota of creativity and are out right vulgar.

c) Web pages have lost their aesthetics and thus taken out the pleasure out of leisurely web browsing.

Is "disable Google ads." button the solution?
What about Microsoft adding a special button to IE called "disable Google ads." button? And can this land MS in an anti-trust pit?