birthday - an event

I started a painting and it is turning out be good. I am hesitant to touch it; I should plan and then stroke.

This morning I spoke to my mom and for the first time she had forgotten my birthday:-). She sounded apologetic.

Long drive, coffee breaks…
I like driving, dozing on the wheels and coffee breaks at highway service stations. So today, I drive to Connecticut from New York to see Jeanne. It was a lovely cloudy, rainy day; and I saw fog on mountain tips and enjoyed 300mile drive.

Jeanne greeted me saying “Am I dreaming?” She no more has to thrust the food which did not enjoy; she is being artificially fed. Medically is in critical state. She has very nice view in her window but she can not turn her head in any direction, nor she can roll her body. I should visit her more often; unfortunately I may not have to make many trips.

I and Ray had an inexpensive dinner at Mexican Takeout. Then we tried solve Lebanon & Israel crisis :-)