former NSA officers working for private contractors.

Revolving door is a pillar of corporations in US. This incestuous relation is strong in Defense. Here is few of NSA officers who quite NSA and headed to private firms. Once NSA guy joined the private firm, the profits of the company shoots. Following is may be a 1% of list. I do not think if it is possible to track this relation.

SPARTA - Maureen Baginski (NSA’s signals intelligence director) October 2006.
Applied Signal Technology -John P. Devine, (former NSA’s deputy director for technology)
TRW -William Studeman (former NSA director)
Cylink - McConnell’s (former NSA deputy director)
E Systems - Charles R. Lord(NSA deputy director)

William B. Black Jr, ex NSA guy was working for SAIC. He quit SAIC and joined NSA again in 2000. Later SAIC got $280 million Trailblazer contract, the project William B. Black Jr managed in NSA.

Source: Shadow Factory by James Bamford

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