ePub to PDF conversion using 'Adobe Acrobat Pro Extender"

Following the best method for converting ePub to PDF. I have used Calibre and font in the converted PDF is way to big, pages are too small. Following method gives normal font size. You need 'Adobe ACrobat Pro Extender"

1) Rename the extension from EPUB to RAR
2) Unzip
3) Open *.OPF file. Navigate to following TAG
4) Open 'Adobe ACrobat Pro Extender". Navigate to    
   File -> Combine -> Merge Files in PDF
5) In "Combine files" dialog
     a. select 'single PDF' button on R-Top corner
     b. click on 'Add files'
     c. Add the all HTML files in a single shot
     d. Then re arrange the files in the ORDER given in  "" of step-3
             -> select XXXXX_cvi_YYY.html
              -> select XXXXX_tp_YYY.html
             -> select XXXXX_cop_YYY.html
6) Click Combine.

7) You have PDF

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